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Introducing our Event Capture package, designed to provide comprehensive coverage of medium to large events with 100-350 attendees. Our team of 2-3 media professionals, consisting of one photographer and two videographers, will ensure that your event is captured from every angle. With this package, you will receive 100 high-quality photos, a 3-minute video recap, 2-3 interviews with organizers or other key figures, as well as candid footage and footage of podium speakers. Whether you’re hosting a conference, seminar, or corporate event, our Event Capture package will help you preserve and share the highlights of your event for years to come.

Event Capture

SKU: 364215376135191
  • (1) 1-3 Min Video Asset

    100 Edited Footage

    Raw Video/ Photography Capture 

    Voice Over

    Copyright Protected Backdrop Music

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