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Our Story

Collectiveffort is a creative agency that specializes in storytelling & creating space. The group was founded in 2017 as a worker-owned agency, with a bulk of it's members being graduates from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, also located in Troy, NY. During their years freelancing and collaborating, the founders recognized the value of combining their talents and formed a company that would allow them to share resources, produce bigger projects, and continue serving the creative community.

Today, Collectiveffort operates ~5000sqft flexible work space that houses its marketing & media production activities as well as rentable artist studios. With over 15 years of experience in digital marketing, video production, project management, and more, the company positions itself as a production, planning & design partner for organizations seeking modern and engaging marketing solutions.

Collectiveffort's unique background fuels its community-driven culture and commitment to creativity. By continuing to invest in emerging artists through the rental studios, the company hopes to inspire innovative design thinking that crosses over into client work and allows fresh perspectives to shape every new campaign.

Our Mission

Collectiveffort is on a mission to tell compelling stories & share affordable space for creatives at all levels of their journey. As we see it, creatives have led the way for change throughout human history. The culture we create acts as the catalyst for everything from social movements to gentrification. Because of this, we want to help creatives take advantage of the opportunities that come from their efforts while redefining how cities are developed.

Our Vision

The team works to cultivate sustainable creative communities. We understand that presently, people are being removed from the environments they helped bring back to life. We imagine a future where these same people can afford to own their labor & land by engaging with the infrastructure we build in the physical and digital space. 

Our Clients

We pride ourselves in working with a diverse collection of organizations which positions us as great communicators across teams & stakeholders

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